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LiveDraftX Draftboard

We Support All Draft Types

All Draft Orders

We support conventional snake and linear drafts, as well as custom ordered drafts, where leagues can choose the draft order for every round.

Auction Drafts

LiveDraftX excels at auction drafts. We take the hassle out of draft day, by tracking every team's auction budget and maximum bid size.

IDP Leagues

Is your league an IDP league? LiveDraftX supports drafting both team defenses and individual defensive players.

Keeper Leagues

LiveDraftX allows teams to select any number of keeper picks before the fantasy draft begins - perfect for keeper leagues and dynasty leagues.

Built for the Big Screen

Our draft boards are made to look good on a variety of screen sizes, from small laptops to large TVs.

Whether your league is holding a large draft party or huddled around a single computer, LiveDraftX has got you covered.

Projected Draftboard

Designed for the Fantasy Enthusiast


We respect any league which adds to the pressure of draft day by imposing a time limit. That's why LiveDraftX has made it easy to add draft timers to any fantasy draft.

Timer Feature

Draft Trades

For leagues which allow teams to trade draft picks, we have your back. LiveDraftX will manage any number of submitted trades so you can enjoy a smooth draft day.

Draft Trade Feature


Don't know which Running Backs are still available? Find the perfect player using our search bar with autocomplete.

Autocomplete Feature


Have a league member who can't make the draft? Don't sweat. LiveDraftX can draft on their behalf using our proprietary autodraft algorithm, so your draft day can go on without a hitch.

Autodraft Feature

Test Drive the Future of Drafting

Not sure if LiveDraftX is right for you? Try out our platform with Test Drive.

Test Drive Draftboard