Web Based

LiveDraftX was built for the web. No need to install any apps or clunky software. Just point your browser to LiveDraftX and start drafting.


Cheat sheets no longer required. LiveDraftX incorporates the latest player rankings into its autocomplete choices, so you can stop worrying about crossing off draft picks.

Turn Tracking

Know someone who always forgets it’s their turn to draft? LiveDraftX keeps track of the draft order, so you can focus on finding your next sleeper, not yelling at Gary to take his turn.

Integrated Player Info

During the draft, LiveDraftX will also show a player’s team name, bye week, and position, so you always have the information you need to make the best draft pick.


Don’t remember how to spell Garoppolo? Or maybe you're looking for a late round Running Back. Use LiveDraftX’s autocomplete to search through all players and positions.


Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t stress out. LiveDraftX lets you undo previous draft picks, so you don’t have to worry about fat fingering a selection.

Keeper Leagues

LiveDraftX fully supports keepers. When you create a keeper league, LiveDraftX will allow you to select players before the actual drafting begins.

IDP Leagues

LiveDraftX loves IDP leagues. If your league drafts individual defensive players, LiveDraftX is perfect for you.

Auction Drafts

LiveDraftX excels at Auction Drafts. We keep track of every team's remaining budget and maximum bid, so you can feel free to put the calculator away.

Draft Timers

Don't have all day to wait for Jerry to pick a kicker? Put them on the clock with a draft timer. Timers can be paused by the commissioner at any time.


Have a league member who can't make the draft? Set them to autodraft, and we'll take care of making their draft picks for them.

Draft Trades

For leagues which allow teams to trade draft picks, LiveDraftX will manage any number of submitted trades so you can enjoy a smooth draft day.